Need motivation to Run? Here's some tips!

February 04, 2019


Excuses, excuses, excuses! Every day it's so easy to find a reason not to get out there and run! Let's put those all to the side and find that Fix you need to give you that positive addiction and motivation to get out there.

Let's get started right now.

1. FIRST THINGS FIRST. Find a reason to to run. It could be just to get fitter, faster, lose some excess weight, to feel good, to take on a challenge!

2. COMMIT TO IT. So now you need to get stuck in, make a plan, set your goals and targets. It may be that you want to do two runs a week, or run 10k over the course of the week or 20k? Whatever the focus, make sure you keep a log somewhere. It could be via an online running blog or just on a spreadsheet. Whatever you prefer, but keeping a record of what you've done, what you want to do, should help.

3. GET KITTED OUT. The variety is endless. Treat yourself to a good pair of running shoes. It feels great to get them on.

4. FIND A GREAT PLAYLIST TO RUN TO. Nothing beats some quality tunes to lift your spirit. Create a few playlists that get you excited.

5. SIGN UP TO AN EVENT. Search the events out there, or try a Fix Event - Find one to start with that excites you and set yourself a goal for that event. It may be that you want to do a 5k in under 30 minutes or a 10k in under one hour!

6. TRY RUNNING AT DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE DAY. You may find it worth experimenting with your runnning times. Find the ideal time that motivates you.

7. FIND A FELLOW RUNNING BUDDY. There's loads of online running communities so check them out, find local running clubs and give them a go.

8. REMEMBER that you almost always feel better after a run than before it.

9. JUST DO IT. Woke up not feeling like it? Thinking about putting it off until tomorrow. Don't let your mind make those excuses. Get outside and start your run, even with the goal to do a 15-20 minute run. Likelihood is that once you're out there you will do better than you think!

10. TRY RUNNING IN THE RAIN. It's much more liberating than you may think!

11. TREAT YOURSELF. If you train well, acheive your goals, whether it's that 20km in a week or acheiving a time that you had your heart set on, get yourself a little treat. It could be that chocolate bar you had been craving or buy a new playlist for your next challenge.

12. MIX IT UP A BIT. Try mixing up your runs, whether that's hitting the hils, head for some trails, doing some sprints. Nothing beats a bit of variety.

13. HAVE FUN. Not always easy but enjoy it, feel great about all the good things in your life, the abilitiy to be able to run, and every now and again run with a smile on your face, give your fellow runners a wave and remember how great it feels once you've completed your training.

14. NO MORE EXCUSES! Ok so we've made a start to getting a positive Fix! Don't stop now, let's get addicted.

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