10 Motivational Fitness Tips

January 09, 2020




1. Set yourself specific targets

Setting yourself a goal is a fantastic way to keep you concentrated and motivated to keep moving and working.  The more specific your goal the better understanding you will have of achieving your goal, instead of a vague target of ‘just keep fit’ which can lead to a certain weariness when thinking about your challenge.


2. Make a Training Plan

Whether you are following a bespoke training plan from a personal trainer or simply fitting your exercise in to your daily schedule, it is important to stick to your training plan.  This will give you a daily goal and a structured plan will increase your motivation and improve your chances of success.


3. Don’t over-do it!

It’s very important to not get too carried away with yourself in your training and to ease into things especially at first.  It’s tempting to jump all-in to your new exercise regime, however this is how one can get injured or lose interest.  Stick to your training plan and you won’t lose out!


4. Exercise Prompts

Using key triggers to get you motivated or push you that little bit further is a great way of staying fit.  Remember why you are doing this – are you raising money for a loved one or a charity for example, are you trying to stay in shape for personal well being? – it is important to identify your inspirations and remind yourself of those things, so you keep doing what you’ve been doing.


5. Record Your Progress

It is very easy to fall into the feeling of not progressing in your training, especially once the initial buzz of your new hobby has worn off.  Keep a diary or log book of your exercises and you will keep focused on the task, while also allowing you to accurately monitor your progress. It’s a great way of reminding yourself how far you’ve come when times get tough, or inspiring yourself to go even further.

6. Mix-it up!

Keeping things fresh and varied is a great way of maintaining focus and interest. It’s important to mix up your training with other sports and activities to avoid boredom and demotivation.  If you’re a runner then hit the rowing machine, bike, elliptical trainer or swimming pool once a week. It will give your knees and ankles a break as well as improving flexibility, strength and general fitness and keep your mind and body motivated.

7. Get the right gear

Having the right gear is really important in getting the best performance from yourself but also making yourself feel as awesome as possible while training.  Treating yourself to new gear is beneficial to your body and your mind, which leads us to….


8. Treat Yourself!

Having a particular food or drink treat once a week is crucial in keeping your mind healthy, which in turn will motivate you further to keep your body in tip top form!  This doesn’t mean you should be refuelling on fast food, but it is very important to not feel like your suffering by denying yourself something.  A healthy mind leads to a healthy body!


9. Track yourself

A great way to track your progress as well as pushing yourself further is to track your exercises.  There are plenty of products out there from GPS trackers, heart rate monitors and all sorts phone apps which can be great for following your exercise progress and help you to push yourself further and beat that personal best!

10. Visualise your success

If you can picture yourself achieving your goal and what it will feel like, those images and feelings will help to keep motivating you to achieve it. For example, picture yourself crossing the finish line of and collecting your medal with your friends and family proudly looking on, or the great cause and how they will react when you hand over your fundraising cheque. 

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