Winter Training

January 04, 2020


Are you are finding it difficult to get out and about training this Winter? Look no further, here are some simple tips to keep up your motivation and get out on those cold, wet days.

Remember Why

Remind yourself why you started running in the first place – Was it because you have a goal in mind ? To stay fit and healthy? To see new sights? Whatever the reason, keep telling yourself this and it will get you out the door. That is the hardest step, after that the rest is a bonus. Just think how good you will feel afterwards!

Extend Your Warm-Up

Winter training is all about maintaining your base fitness and getting yourself ready for the new season, so the last thing you want to do is injure yourself. Make sure you do some thorough drills with some dynamic stretching before heading out the door. This will also increase your temperature level so you don’t feel quite so cold once you do step out.

Join Your Local Club

One of the best things to do to keep you motivated is to run with other people. This way, even if it doesn’t look too nice outside, you can keep yourself distracted by chatting/ geeing each other up. Check out your local running club for good sessions and to meet new people with the same goals as well.

Wrap Up Warm

It may be time for some new gear so treat yourself. A nice pair of gloves, a running hat and thermal breathable socks are good winter essentials to keep you nice and cosy on those fresh winter days.

Join The Gym

During those winter months is a great time to do some different exercises by joining your local gym. This way you can maintain your base-level fitness and staying warm at the same time. They normally have early year discounts to entice you too!

Plan your Run

It does help to decide on your run route ahead of setting off. The more you focus on where you will run and the distance you plan to do you will definitely improve and increase your motivation to acheive this.

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