A message from the Heart

January 25, 2021

Health & Wellbeing

I want to share my personal thoughts and I think I'll write this without editing, without going back and re-reading it and just let it flow straight from the heart.

I'm worried! I'm frightened for our futures. I do not understand why our governments are causing so much residual pain and suffering, stress, anxiety, depression, financial issues, sadness, lack of life fulfilment for this virus. What the heck is going on? Ok yes I think we can agree people are getting sick, people are suffering, but and it's a but because I do not know, could this be partly because of the fear, scaremongering and isolation?

Surely the approach could have been so different. There's always been viruses, there's always been winter flu, there's always been influenza. Ok so maybe this one is a bit different. But is it so different that our lives need to be destroyed? In my heart I believe after the first lockdown our governments could have and should have learnt enough even if they made a load of mistakes, that a better approach may be to help everyone before the next winter to prepare meaning focus on your health, eat well, take the supplements like vitamin C, D and Zinc, and everyone that is worried or vulnerable help them shield if that's what they want to do.

Again I'm not saying that's the answer but something is very wrong with this strategy, with this approach to control us more and more, to reduce our freedoms, to make us not enjoy living.

There's a sense that this will go on and on and on.

We at Fix Events will keep fighting for our health, for our business. We do not know if we will still have an events company this time next year. There's pretty much zero support for our industry. But we will try and find ways to support our community.

Surely health and fitness, diet and wellbeing, a positive outlook on life, reducing stress are all things that make such a difference to us not getting ill. I have seen very little that these things mean anything to our governments. I'm sorry to say but I do not believe they really want us to live healthy lives or at least that's the way it feels to me.

I've seen so much about people suffering with depression, more about people taking their own lives. How sad is it that this happens. Who is accountable for this? What can we do to help?

I'd love to have more conversations either with you or with any experts out there that can share their wealth of knowledge and maybe make a difference for just one person! Please get in touch with me anytime and I hope we can talk more and support more people. Thank you.

Dave K

Fix Events Director


David Krangel director of Fix Events multisport event company

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