World MoWalk and Talk Day

Saturday at 08:00am30th November, 2024

Virtual Run (Anywhere)

About this event

This November be part of our World Day of MoWalking and Talking!

It's super simple, on the last day of November take a little bit of time to get outdoors with friends and family and walk and talk about Men's Health or just open up about anything!

Walk for 10 minutes or 2 hours, it's completely up to you.

It's FREE to be part of the MoWalking community and to join everyone together we would love you to share your photos and messages on our World Day of MoWalking and MoTalking!

You can reward yourself by ordering a stunning MoWalk and Talk Medal.

If you can't MoWalk and Talk on the 30th November you can do it any day during November and still feel part of the event. 

Sample medal below (please note we are designing a new and exciting one so stay posted for this to be updated over the coming weeks!)

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  • World MoWalk and Talk Day
  • World MoWalk and Talk Day
  • World MoWalk and Talk Day
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Entries close on the 30th November, 2024. (Unless the event sells out before this time)

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