The CityvWharf 5k Run Challenge 2019 Results

Congratulations to everyone that joined us at this event. For any timing queries please contact Results Base

Male Winner – Angus Butler – KPMG – City – 16:03
Female Winner – Lauren Murrary – EY - Wharf – 19:55

The Wharf proved to have the top Male Team, congrats to JP Morgan, the City had the top mixed team, congrats to the Legal and General Army and the City had the top female team, congrats to the X4 Group. Please note these are still preliminary results and will be finalised over the next day.

View team results here

Average of all City Runners 00:26:29
Average of all Wharf Runners 00:26:33
Average of all City Females 00:29:37
Average of all City Males 00:25:07
Average of all Wharf Females 00:29:28
Average of all Wharf Males 00:25:07
Average of top 44 City Females 00:24:04
Average of top 44 Wharf Females 00:29:28
Average of top 89 City Males 00:19:56
Average of top 89 Wharf Males 00:25:07
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