The Cardiff CheckPoint Run Challenge Race 1 2020

Saturday at 08:00am5th December, 2020

Cardiff, Cardiff, CF1.

We are super excited that this challenge has sold out. If you are keen to see more of these challenges in Cardiff please email us to express your interest. Email here and state if we add a new date for January 2021 would you be keen to take part! Thanks all

About this event

We are super excited to bring you a brand new run called our Cardiff CheckPoint Run Challenge. A perfect way to be part of a virtual challenge that feels more like a live event (without any mass gathering!)

Places are going to be limited to a maximum of 200 people and with this event concept we can keep the challenge safe for you all.

Please also note if you enter and at the time of the event lockdown restrictions mean you are unable to get to take part we will provide a full refund.

This is how it works:

* On event day you can come to any of our set checkpoints and start at whichever one suits you.
* You can start anytime between 8am and 10am
* We will have event crew at each CheckPoint to support you, check you in, set you off!
* You can do the full circuit, checkpoint A to B, B to C, C to A (remember you can start at any one and finish at any one)
* Distances you can complete will range from 5k, 10k to approximately 15k
* There's no set route in between each checkpoint so you can either take our recommended route or choose your own
* Live results will happen as you scan a QR code at each checkpoint and these results will go straight to our live leaderboard
* Receive a stunning medal on completion

We hope to make this a great fun challenge, a way to have a social connection with you, a chance for you to feel competitive (or not as we just want you to have fun and challenge yourself) and provide some real community interaction between runners. Please secure your entry, get your friends or family within your bubble to join you and here's to building an exciting new event.

Below is an example of how the results look in your profile and at each checkpoint these go live to this page! You can then also see the leaderboard with everyone else that is taking on this challenge.

CheckPoint Run Challenge Medal Richmond Upon Thames London 5k 10k runs

CheckPoint Run Challenge Medal Richmond Upon Thames London 5k 10k runs

Race Video

Course Details

CheckPoints and Race Map now available. You have 3 options of where you can start your challenge. You can then decide if you do the full circuit or an out and back. The distance options will range from 5k, 10k up to approximately 15k.

Start at any CheckPoint you choose. You then decide if you want to follow our guideline run route or take your own chosen path between each checkpoint. Great fun! The course is a mix of path, road, trail and sections of flat or undulating so come prepared.

Please note we will share exact CheckPoint Challenge points very soon.

View Race MapDownload Race Map

Event Information

Event Day Information


You can arrive and start from 8am until 10am. You will receive your entry information by email or within your user profile so you check in with your phone.

You must set off before 10am and everyone must finish by 12pm.

Start locations (TBC but initially may be) Bute Park, Cardiff Bay, Hailey Park.


Results go live as the event is taking place.

Every runner receives a medal at whichever checkpoint you finish at.


When do I receive my race pack?

Your race number will be listed on your profile the week of the event. You will receive an email notification when your race number is live in your profile. At this point all race numbers can be found on the event page of the website (half way down the page under Race Information). You will need your race number to register with and to collect your race pack with on event day.

How do I know I am registered?

As soon as you register you will receive an email confirming your entry. You need a unique email address for everyone you register, so that each entrant receives confirmation and details on how to login to their profile. On the confirmation email there will be a link to create your online profile. Please keep an eye on your inbox and in your profile in the lead up to your event as we will send regular newsletters with race day info, race number details and everything you need to know for race day. Your race number will be listed on your profile the week of the event. If you entered via Find a Race or Lets Do This you will receive a confirmation email from them and then another one from us when your entry has been transferred over to our system.

Will I receive race information in the lead up to my event?

Yes we send out email updates prior to your event and you can view all event details, news and offers by logging in to your user profile.

Will I be chipped timed?

Yes all our events (unless otherwise stated) are chip timed!! Your race chip will be on your race number bib which you receive on race day and which must be secured to your outer garment to ensure the chip works correctly.

Can I find the race number list prior to the event?

Yes, your event race list will be online approximately a week prior to your event. Please make a note of your race number and that of friends as you will collect your race pack on the morning of the run.

What happens if I don't receive my race email?

If you don’t receive your race emails it may be because the wrong email address was inputted or the race email went in to your junk mail so please do check your junk mail carefully! All your race information is stored in your online profile and your race number will also be listed here the week of the event. Please login to check all your information. If you have forgotten your password, login with the email you used to sign up with and then request a new password. All race day information will also be on the event page of the website and a race listing with your race number will be online the week of the event.

Can I cancel/transfer/get a refund if I can't take part?

You can cancel up to 14 days before the event and receive a 60% refund. Unfortunately after 14 days we cannot refund. You can transfer to another Fix Event (£5 transfer fee applies) if giving at least 7 days notice ahead of event day. After this point we can not make any changes to the race data and transferring to another event is not possible. Please email to action a refund or transfer. You also have the option to transfer your place to someone else right up to event day itself. The new runner will simply need to register on your race number and then see our race timing crew, Results Base and they will make the change in entry detail then.

Do you have any age restrictions / can children take part?

Absolutely! We typically allow children of all ages to take part in all our events (unless specific information is given for a set event). Please note that children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardian throughout our events. If the parent/guardian is satisfied the child/children can confidently run 5k or 10k unaccompanied they may do so, with a parent/guardian remaining onsite at all times.

What do I get for taking part?

Full race chip timing with instant results at the event, a cool medal, drinks, snacks, trophies for winners and an all round highly professional and fun event to be part of.

Can I Enter a team?

Absolutely! Get as many friends, family or colleagues together and run as a team. You are not required to run together and each person will receive their own time however it's just fun to run under a team name.

Can I run with a buggy?

Yes this is typically ok for most locations however please check the run route course as some locations can be a mix of path, trail, grass so not always suitable for running with a buggy. Also please try and stay to the left as much as possible to give room for other runners. (this is allowed at running events but not triathlon, please see last faq for more info)

Can I volunteer to marshal at the event?

Absolutely! If you miss out on a place or just want to help out on the day and marshal that would be great. We need as much help as possible to ensure we can give runners the best experience possible and that includes plenty of marshals on the course, helping with registration, bag storage, water stations, handing out medals and general event support. Typical volunteer hours are from 8am until around 12pm and all volunteers will get drinks, snacks and a free entry to any Fix Event!! Please get in touch by sending an email to We would welcome you to join our team.

Can I walk / do you have a cut off time to complete the event in?

We typically have a cut off time of 1.5 hours to complete the race from when the event starts. Walking part of a 5k event is typically fine but the 10k races are mostly for running (with a bit of walking/jogging if necessary!). If doing a virtual run you have the luxury of completing your event anytime, anywhere and for however long throughout the given event period!

Can I run with my dog/are you canicross friendly

Yes, we love too see dogs running with their owners! Please ensure your dog is on a short lead/harness and that you are careful on the course and respect other runners and park users.

Can I wear headphones?

Yes we do allow this but please note it is your responsibility to make sure you can hear what's going on around you when running, including marshals and general public. Please keep the volume at a level whereby you can hear any important announcements that may be made. (this is allowed at running events but not triathlon, please see last faq for more info)

Do I have to fundraise for the charity you are supporting?

You are not required to fundraise but if you choose to that would make a huge difference to the charity, whatever amount you raise. You can fundraise for any charity of your choice.

How do I view my race day photos?

A few teaser photos will be posted on our Facebook page the day or the day after the event: Approx 1 or 2 days post event all photographs will be available to purchase here: You can search by name or race number and purchase individual photos or as a photo bundle containing all of your race images. You can also save even more money by pre-ordering a bundle of all your race photographs prior to the event. For full details visit: and / or contact

When do online entries close/can I register on the day?

Unless the event sells out, we typically close online entries 5 days ahead of event day. We generally have on the day entries available. These are allocated on a first come, first served basis. To secure a place aim to be with us at least 45-60 minutes ahead of the first race starting. Please come to the On The Day Registration gazebo and we will get you signed up there. It is typically £20 for the 5k and £25 for the 10k in cash on the day.

What are the rules for triathlon running

When taking part in any of our triathlons running with buggies, running with dogs and running with headphones are not allowed as sanctioned under British Triathlon ruling.

Entry list
First NameSurnameGenderTeamDistanceRace Number
First NameSurnameGenderTeamDistanceRace Number
CHRISALLENmaleTEAM NBRCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JustinAdamsmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HannahAlexanderfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NikAllebonmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JesseAndrewsmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
GlynisApplebyfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RichardApplefordmaleCaerphilly RunnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RichardArnoldmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NahedBakshimaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RunaBakshifemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
EmmaBarrettfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KarenBinfieldfemaleWomen Running PenarthCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
StephenBlakemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CeridwenBoonfemaleCaerphilly RunnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
GemmaBrimblefemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ClareBrucefemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CatrinBuddfemaleThis beats Christmas shoppingCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LisaBuddfemaleSheRuns: CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
VaughanBuddmaleThis beats Christmas shoppingCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LeeBurgessmaleNew Balls PleaseCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JennyBurnsfemaleTeam BubbleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AmyCaciciafemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RosieCadwaladr EvansfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MattCaffynmaleCDF RunnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NicholasCardmalePhoenix runnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KirstyCarrfemaleHappy feetCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SandraCaveneyfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JulieChamberlainfemaleCardiff AACCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ClairCharalambousfemaleLes croupiersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KevanChurchermaleTop cat runnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
IwonaCichonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NicClarkemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NickClarkemaleRun GrangetownCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RachelClissoldfemaleYstrad RunnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RogerClissoldfemaleYstrad RunnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RhianCollinsfemaleShe runs: cardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
StephenCorkmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LaurenCouzensfemaleCouguyCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HelenCullimorefemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AndreaDarlingtonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ElaineDaviesfemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MikeDaviesmaleThe Heath Massive Running ClubCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DavidDeweymaleNew Balls PleaseCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RoryDuckhousemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DonnaEgbearefemaleHappy FeetCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LynneEllisfemaleWomen Running PenarthCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AimmeEvansfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DeanEvansmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
EmilEvansmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LisaEvansmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LynneEvansfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NiaEvansfemaleThis beats Christmas shoppingCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CatrinFentonfemaleShe Runs:CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HannahFernandezmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
VeniceFieldingfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KevinFlanaganmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
BarrieFrancismaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
PaulFrancismaleLes Croupiers RCCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JohnFrenchmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MandyGarrettfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ShaunGealymaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
PhilGilbymaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SarahGiwa-AmufemaleShe Runs: CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RonGodfreymalePontypool Phoenix RunnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SerafinaGrafton beavesfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AndrewGriersonmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CatrinGriffithsfemaleShe runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KayleyGriffithsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
StephanieGriffithsfemaleSiblingsCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KateGrundyfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
FionaGuyfemaleGoodGymCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KatieGuyfemaleCouguyCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DerekHarveymaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RowenaHavardfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MikeHaworthmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JohnHewsonmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
TimHeyesmaleSiblingsCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SallieHobbsfemaleShe runsCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HelenHodgsonfemaleHappy FeetCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ClareHolcombefemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
FranHowellsmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DavidHucklemaleNew Balls PleaseCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LouiseHughesfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SamanthaHyettfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
BenJamesmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MandyJarvisfemaleHeath Massive Run ClubCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AlexJonesmaleTeam BubbleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ClaireJonesfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JoelJonesmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KevinJonesmaleLes CroupiersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LlinosJonesfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MatthewJonesmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SianJonesmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JannieJordaanmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MichaelKenefickmaleNew Balls PleaseCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
StuartKibblemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RachelKitchenfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
VickyKnappettfemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DavidKrangelmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SallyLaddfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
TanyaLangfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KatieLarkinsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SusanLazarusfemaleHappy FeetCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JessicaLe HurayfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NadineLederfemaleCDF RunnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
VickyLeechfemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SaraLeyshonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
TraceyLoughranfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LauraLowfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
TabithaMartinsonfemaleThis beats Christmas shoppingCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ShaneMatthewsmaleGriffithstown HarriersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
EleriMcAulayfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SamanthaMcGowanfemaleLe Running ResistanceCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ShaunMcGowanmaleLe Running ResistanceCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
TaylorMcGowanfemaleLe Running ResistanceCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RachelMcLarenfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
UrszulaMeshramfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LucyMorganfemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HannahMurchfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DanielNealemalePontypool phoenix runnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SharonNichollsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HayleyNorrisfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MarieO HanrahanfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RachelOwenfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MichaelOwensmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JoannePalingfemaleLa Running RésistanceCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SarahParryfemaleShe runs cardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AngharadParry-JonesfemaleLes CroupiersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MelaneyPathmanathanmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ElizabethPaynefemaleShe Runs: CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JocelynPeacockfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LeyniePearnfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NilushiPererafemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KatiePetersonfemaleRun GrangetownCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
BethanPhillipsfemaleShe runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
WillPhillipsmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
TimothyPicklesmaleHeath Massive Run ClubCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LisaPinneyfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MargaretPoolerfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SarahPopefemaleWomen Running PenarthCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CarlaPotterfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SallyPowerfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ElizabethRandallfemaleLes Croupiers RCCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MandyRandallfemaleMandyCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DarrenRaz-NickmaleGoodgymCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LyndaReesfemaleTeam BubbleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DebiRichardsfemaleHappy FeetCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HelenRoberts HughesfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KristaRobinsonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HANNASMITHfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ClairSalvidgefemaleHappy FeetCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LennySayersmaleLes CroupiersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
GavinScaifemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JohnSeawardmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CharlieSmithfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RhysSmithmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SarahSmithfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NickySneezumfemaleLa Running ResistanceCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
EmmaSpearsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RachelSpencefemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
EleanorStarfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
HannahStarfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
EmilyStattonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
VictoriaStattonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
EmyrStephensmaleTeam SamCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MelStewartfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DawnStuartfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SianTaylorfemaleMonday night madnessCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SianTaylorfemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SuzanneTaylorfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CaraThomasfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
GemmaThomasfemaleShe Runs: CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
VictoriaThomasfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RominaTorresfemaleShe runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
ZoeTraversfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LouiseTusonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SarahTwosefemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
DorianWatersmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
BarryWebstermaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MandieWelchfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AndyWeltchmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
MelanieWestlakefemaleHeath Massive Run ClubCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AmyWildenfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
CarwynWilliamsmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
JenWilliamsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KatWilliamsfemaleShe Runs: CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
NickWilliamsmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RachelWilliamsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
RhianWilliamsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
SianWilliamsfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LornaWilsonfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
KimWilymanfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AmyWinterfemaleShe Runs CardiffCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
LowribulmanfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
danielcandymaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
aniaciolekfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
michellegrahamfemaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
matthewgrantmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
andyjonesmaleCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC
AnnenealefemalePontypool phoenix runnersCheckPoint Run ChallengeTBC

Past Event Photos

  • The Cardiff CheckPoint Run Challenge Race 1 2020
  • The Cardiff CheckPoint Run Challenge Race 1 2020
  • The Cardiff CheckPoint Run Challenge Race 1 2020
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