Run Whitstable 5k and 10k

Sunday at 10:00am15th April, 2018

WhitstableHampton Pier Recreation Ground, Whitstable, CT6 8EJ.

About this event

Please stay posted for this proposed new date to be confirmed.

Get together with friends, family or colleagues and be part of this event along the stunning Whitstable coastline.

All runners will receive a super cool, high quality medal, full race chip timing with instant results to view at the event or via our website as the race takes place, drinks, sweets as well as other offers and discounts from us at the Fix Events and from our partners.

The course is a nice flat, fast run along the waterfront. Remember its all good fun and you can walk, jog or run!

Secure your place today.

Past Event Photos

  • Run Whitstable 5k and 10k
  • Run Whitstable 5k and 10k
  • Run Whitstable 5k and 10k

Event Information

Event Day Information


Our 5k Whitstable Run will all start at 10am, the 10k Whitstable Run will start at 10.10am.  The Mini Run will start at 9.30am.

Registration will be open from 8.30am and will close at 9.50am so please arrive nice and early. The event hub is located on the large grassed area, to the left of the children’s play area at Hampton Pier Recreation Ground.

Please note you will collect your race pack at registration on the day of the event.

Race information will be sent by email pre-event and this will tell you what your race number is so you know where to queue on the day of the event. You will be able to view all your race details and race number by logging in to your Fix Events profile.

You will be using our disposable race chips as show belowPlease make sure you put this on before the start of the event. They must be looped through your shoelace with the number facing upwards.

The course is a nice flat, fast run along the waterfront.  The 5k route turns to head back soon after the 2.5k point and heads back along the beach front.

There will be marshals around the course to support and encourage you.

Water is available at the start/finish and at the 5km point. If you require additional fluid between these points please bring your own.


Results go live as the event is taking place and can be viewed at the Results Base timing tent when you cross the finish line, however these also go live to The Fix Events website.

Every runner receives a medal at the finish line and trophies are up for grabs for the overall winners of the 5k and 10k runs.

Water is available once you cross the finish line.

Sweets will be available at the finish line along with any additional products that may be supplied by any of our event partners.

Travel - How to get to the event

By Car

Follow signs for Herne Bay and then follow directions to street address shown above. Once on Hampton Pier Avenue, you will see children’s play area and the free public car park ( spaces are limited to 200 cars ) on Swalecliffe Avenue which is directly opposite the event hub.

By Train

Herne Bay raliway station is the closest and around a 10-15 minute walk


Can I register on the day of the event?

This is possible only if the event isn’t sold out. This will be stated on the website prior to the event.

When do I receive my race pack?

We email you your race number and details and this also goes on the website prior to the event so you can search if you haven’t received your email for any reason. You then collect your race packs at registration on the morning of the event.

How do I know I am registered?

You will receive an email confirming your entry. If a friend or colleague has entered as long as they have used your email address in the entry you will receive confirmation.

Will I receive race information in the lead up to my event?

Yes we send out email updates prior to your event and you can view all event details, news and offers by logging in to your user profile.

Will I be chipped timed?

Yes all our events (unless otherwise stated) are chip timed! In most cases you will use our disposable race chips. You need to ensure you put these on correctly on your shoe (race instructions will be given via email and this info is on your event information page on your event page).

Can I find the race number list prior to the event?

Yes, your event race list will be online approximately a week prior to your event. Please make a note of your race number and that of friends as you will collect your race pack on the morning of the run.

What happens if I don't receive my race email?

If you don’t receive your race email it may be because the wrong email address was inputted or the race email went in to your junk mail so please check carefully. All information will can be found by logging in to your user profile and your race number will show within this account area.

Can I get a refund if I can't take part?

The Fix Events refund policy is: You can cancel up to 14 days before the event and receive a 60% refund (excluding online admin fee). Or, you can choose to transfer your registration to another Fix Event (£5 transfer fee applies). To do so you must email Unfortunately, after that, we cannot give refunds or transfer your entry to anyone else.

What do I get for taking part?

Full race chip timing with instant results at the event, a cool medal, drinks, snacks, trophies for winners and an all round highly professional and fun event to be part of.

Can I Enter a team?

Absolutely! Get as many friends, family or colleagues together and run as a team. You are not required to run together and each person will receive their own time however it's just fun to run under a team name.

Can children take part?

We typically allow children to take part in all our events (unless specific information is given for a set event) Please note that children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardian throughout our events. If the parent/guardian is satisfied the child/children can confidently run unaccompanied they may do so, with a parent/guardian remaining onsite at all times.

Can I run with a buggy?

Yes this is typically ok for most locations however please check the run route course as some locations can be a mix of path, trail, grass so not always suitable for running with a buggy. Also please try and stay to the left as much as possible to give room for other runners.

Can I volunteer to marshal at the event?

Absolutely! If you miss out on a place or just want to help out on the day and marshal that would be great. You would be there to support and encourage all entrants. Contact us by filling the form to express your interest. We would welcome you to join our team.

Entry list
First NameSurnameGenderTeamDistanceRace Number
First NameSurnameGenderTeamDistanceRace Number
FrancescaAdamsfemale10K Entry381
SAllenfemale10K Entry419
JaneAllingtonfemaleBelvedere Plodders5k Entry159
AnnaAmosfemale5k Entry89
ChrisAmosmale10K Entry295
IslaAmosfemaleKids 1.5K Entry678
JoAndrewfemale10K Entry540
HayleyAndrewsfemale10K Entry309
LouiseAndrewsfemale10K Entry489
RachelAppsfemale10K Entry416
SarahAshberryfemale5k Entry93
ClaireAspey-Phillipsfemale10K Entry539
JoanneAustinfemale10K Entry319
BevAvenellfemaleB2R10K Entry556
SHEENABOLLANDfemale5k Entry12
JulieBaileyfemale10K Entry276
SarahBaileyfemale5k Entry148
TimothyBaileymale5k Entry153
CharlotteBailiefemale10K Entry237
BradleyBairdmaleKids 1.5K Entry656
MatthewBairnsfathermale10K Entry379
FilipBakalamale5k Entry80
MichalBakalamale5k Entry79
MarkBakermale10K Entry238
LewisBallantynemaleKids 1.5K Entry693
LoganBallantynemaleKids 1.5K Entry692
ChrisBarbermale5k Entry104
ColinBardenmale5k Entry85
EmmaBarrettfemale10K Entry369
RachelBartonfemale10K Entry492
KarenBassfemale10K Entry382
RebeccaBastablefemale10K Entry395
HeatherBaucherfemaleSLJ10K Entry592
FrancescaBaurfemale5k Entry69
VickiBaxterfemale5k Entry68
MariaBeardfemale10K Entry330
DAVIDBeavermale10K Entry345
HaideeBellfemale10K Entry396
ArloBenthammaleKids 1.5K Entry669
BethBenthamfemale10K Entry291
ElisabethBerryfemale10K Entry281
EmmaBevanfemale10K Entry364
JamesBicklemale10K Entry227
LucyBlissfemale10K Entry409
JaneBlofieldfemale10K Entry521
TonyBlofieldmale10K Entry522
LisaBloomerfemale5k Entry39
SarahBoltonfemale5k Entry111
AnnieBonfieldfemale5k Entry146
JamesBonnermale10K Entry293
LauraBowerfemaleSole Mates5k Entry167
ShaneBradfordmaleMY/PT5k Entry166
JonnyBradshawmaleCooper10K Entry572
CarlBrettmale10K Entry475
AntoniaBrewerfemale10K Entry336
AlexBridgemale10K Entry202
JonnyBroughmaleAdalta10K Entry549
AlexBrownfemale5k Entry10
Nicki’sBrownfemale10K Entry459
RosaBrownfemaleKids 1.5K Entry655
EmmaBrownridgefemale10K Entry210
JillBuddfemale10K Entry244
JaneBullenfemale5k Entry64
DianeBurnsfemale10K Entry434
LibbyBurnsfemale10K Entry278
NikkiBurnsfemale10K Entry277
SteveBurnsmale10K Entry435
NicolaBurrowsfemale5k Entry149
TracyBuryfemale5k Entry155
SaraBushbyfemaleAdalta CC10K Entry550
Anna RoseButcherfemaleKids 1.5K Entry654
DanielButchermaleKids 1.5K Entry653
SusieButlerfemale10K Entry513
SarahButterfieldfemaleOD Runners10K Entry583
SimonButterfieldmale5k Entry21
LOUISECHOPPINGfemaleTankerton Running Group10K Entry600
AnnaCablesfemale5k Entry34
JaneCarlingfemale5k Entry18
JoCarssfemale10K Entry437
BrianCartermale10K Entry302
CharlesCartermale10K Entry463
CharlesCartermaleKids 1.5K Entry685
LouiseCarterfemale10K Entry301
MelissaCassemfemaleSole Mates10K Entry595
AydrianChakarovmaleKids 1.5K Entry659
AydrianChakarovmaleKids 1.5K Entry660
GlenChapmanmale10K Entry543
KateChapmanfemale10K Entry375
RalphChapmanmale5k Entry32
DylanCharlwoodmaleKids 1.5K Entry698
FreddieCharlwoodmaleKids 1.5K Entry699
AlisonClarkefemale10K Entry239
AlisonClarkefemale10K Entry240
DexterClarkemale5k Entry94
MariaClarkefemale5k Entry53
TonyClarkemale5k Entry106
FelicityClearyfemale5k Entry151
DebbieCliffordfemale10K Entry334
JenniferColemanfemaleSittingbourne Striders10K Entry589
KarenColemanfemaleSittingbourne Striders10K Entry591
GemmaColivillfemaleG & T5k Entry161
KarenCookfemale10K Entry372
SallyCookfemale10K Entry510
VickyCookfemale10K Entry422
JanineCoomberfemale10K Entry284
JanineCoombermale10K Entry285
LucyCooperfemaleCooper10K Entry571
HannahCouvesfemale10K Entry505
BettinaCovacfemale10K Entry299
ErimCovacmale10K Entry300
PaulCramemale5k Entry78
PeterCraskemalePeter Craske10K Entry585
AlisonCrawfordfemale10K Entry367
MattCrippsmale5k Entry27
LindaCronkfemale5k Entry134
HannahCrowtherfemale10K Entry358
GavinCunninghammale5k Entry72
JacobCunninghammale10K Entry350
JoCunninghamfemale10K Entry349
MylesCunninghammale5k Entry73
CATHDEARTHfemale10K Entry201
ClairDancemale10K Entry320
JamesDaseymale10K Entry457
WendyDaseymale10K Entry458
RichardDaveymale10K Entry406
TiaDaviesfemaleG & T5k Entry160
NatalieDeadmanfemale10K Entry453
MartinDelaneymale10K Entry280
EleanorDenbowfemaleKids 1.5K Entry689
TeresaDenbowfemale10K Entry486
RaymundDequitmale10K Entry225
JoelDerbymale10K Entry347
KathrynDerbyfemale10K Entry346
HelenDevinefemale10K Entry204
LouisaDevinefemale10K Entry211
LydiaDevinefemale10K Entry228
MeleshaDevinefemale10K Entry203
StephanieDevonfemale10K Entry384
RachelDickinsonfemale5k Entry83
StephanieDickinsonfemale5k Entry82
CathDicksonfemale10K Entry438
CallieDinesfemale5k Entry2
KarenDinleyfemaleTeam Unicorn10K Entry604
EstherDixonfemale10K Entry214
AnnaDobieckafemaleBeginners2Runners10K Entry568
EthanDobsonmaleKids 1.5K Entry687
FrazerDobsonmale5k Entry40
ReubenDobsonmaleKids 1.5K Entry686
TraceyDonkinfemale10K Entry508
SteffDowlemale10K Entry356
BeckyDownfemale10K Entry443
StewartDringmale10K Entry314
Kerry-anneDrylandfemale10K Entry221
RichardDrylandmale10K Entry222
CaraEatonfemale5k Entry36
DaveEdwardsmale10K Entry403
VictoriaEhmannfemale10K Entry514
peterEhmannmale10K Entry507
BeritEisfemaleThe Eis Loynes Club5k Entry170
LisaElliottfemale5k Entry81
CatherineEllismale10K Entry474
RebeccaEnglandfemale10K Entry223
CaralineEvansfemale10K Entry526
MichaelFairsmale10K Entry405
RachelFairsfemale10K Entry404
CassFarrellmaleKids 1.5K Entry682
ChristineFarrellfemale5k Entry105
KittyFarrellfemaleKids 1.5K Entry683
TheoFarrerfemaleAre we there yet?10K Entry551
JonathanFearnemale10K Entry524
JamesFeltsmaleKids 1.5K Entry697
LouiseFeltsfemale10K Entry343
CharlesFennellmaleKids 1.5K Entry691
AmberFergusonfemale10K Entry545
SueFergusonfemale10K Entry373
EllyFerreirafemale5k Entry121
ColinFieldmale10K Entry383
LaurenFinchfemale5k Entry55
MarkFinchermale10K Entry519
KatrinaFisherfemale10K Entry479
TerrylleFisherfemale10K Entry312
melineFletcherfemale10K Entry391
RhodriFlowermale10K Entry407
ThomasFordmale10K Entry523
ClaireFordefemaleSole Mates10K Entry594
LindsayFordycefemale10K Entry393
StevenForemanmale10K Entry399
HelenForseyfemale10K Entry272
TomForseymale10K Entry273
CarolynFrainfemaleBeginners 2 Runners5k Entry157
PeterFrancemale10K Entry468
HazelFreemanfemaleHazelnutz10K Entry577
MattFreemanmale10K Entry447
MattFreemanmale10K Entry477
AnnetteFrenchfemale10K Entry515
KatieFrenchfemale10K Entry219
PeterFrenchmale10K Entry220
NigelFrymale10K Entry471
MarkFullermale10K Entry230
CarolineGalipeaufemale10K Entry263
CarolineGambrillfemaleTeam Unicorn10K Entry606
LouiseGardinerfemale5k Entry92
RebeccaGastonfemale10K Entry387
CarlyGearfemale10K Entry536
BecGeevesfemale10K Entry359
BarbaraGentryfemale10K Entry324
AnnaGeorgefemaleTeam Unicorn10K Entry602
LaurenceGeorgemaleTeam Unicorn10K Entry603
CarlGilbertmale5k Entry125
SuzanneGilbertfemale10K Entry248
VickyGilbertfemale10K Entry245
DeanGilesmale10K Entry411
EmmaGilesfemale10K Entry410
HelenGoddardfemaleVictoria Park Harriers5k Entry176
KymGoddardfemale10K Entry496
RobertGoodwinmale10K Entry473
ClaireGormanfemale5k Entry60
KayleighGormanfemale5k Entry62
NualaGormanfemaleKids 1.5K Entry695
KatherineGrahamfemale10K Entry455
AnnabelGrayfemale10K Entry362
LorraineGrayfemale10K Entry491
EmmaGreatrixfemaleCanterbury harriers10K Entry570
PamelaGreatrixfemale5k Entry87
PaulaGreckamalePaula10K Entry584
JulieGriffinfemale5k Entry67
SharonGriffinfemale10K Entry472
GregGuthriemale10K Entry529
AvaGyertsonfemaleKids 1.5K Entry688
JennyGyertsonfemale5k Entry112
SamuelHARRISmaleB2RKids 1.5K Entry702
GaryHadfieldmaleDartford Road Runners10K Entry575
JosetteHadfieldfemaleDartford Road Runners10K Entry574
RobHallmale10K Entry340
JaneHallamfemale10K Entry304
LeBronHallsmaleKids 1.5K Entry675
LiamHansonmale10K Entry325
CadenHarrismaleB2RKids 1.5K Entry704
GLENYSHarrisfemaleB2R10K Entry557
JacobHarrismaleB2RKids 1.5K Entry703
JennyHarrisfemale5k Entry123
BelindaHarrisonfemaleMedway Tri10K Entry580
JulieHarrisonfemale10K Entry408
LouisaHarrisonfemale5k Entry130
RhysHarrisonmale5k Entry131
MatthewHartmale10K Entry417
CharlotteHaslamfemale10K Entry329
DominicHaslammale10K Entry328
JaneHaslamfemale10K Entry327
LeeHawesmale10K Entry397
JenniferHawkesfemale10K Entry501
TerryHaydenmale10K Entry224
TomHaydenmale5k Entry35
VictoriaHayesfemale10K Entry231
NatalieHelliwellfemale5k Entry45
JulieHennellfemale5k Entry58
DanielHewettmale10K Entry537
KeithHewittmaleStrawbewys and Cweem10K Entry597
MichelleHewittfemaleStrawbewys and Cweem10K Entry596
NatalieHewitt-zarbfemale10K Entry287
RachaelHickfordfemale10K Entry469
KristienHindemale10K Entry215
ChrisHirstmale5k Entry152
LouisHobsonmaleKids 1.5K Entry674
CatherineHockinfemale5k Entry6
JeanHollandfemale.5k Entry156
ZoeHollowayfemale5k Entry29
PaulHoltmale10K Entry394
SarahHope-Macleodfemale10K Entry431
RobertHornemale5k Entry14
AdrianHoughammale5k Entry7
CarlHovemanmale10K Entry544
JoHovendenfemale10K Entry427
AnitaHowardfemale10K Entry212
NikkiHowefemale10K Entry252
OliverHurleymaleKids 1.5K Entry679
ChrisHutchingsmale10K Entry290
Carlie-AnnIddendenfemale5k Entry43
ThomasIncemale5k Entry138
MartinJamesmale10K Entry256
MatthewJamesmale5k Entry66
ThierryJaminmale10K Entry213
HannahJarvisfemaleKids 1.5K Entry651
JosieJarvisfemaleKids 1.5K Entry652
LouiseJarvisfemale5k Entry8
RichardJarvismale5k Entry9
TiaJarvisfemale10K Entry234
TomJarvismale10K Entry389
StephenJefferymale10K Entry311
NikkiJenkinsfemale10K Entry232
MarkJonesmale10K Entry482
PennyJonesfemaleB2R10K Entry555
LauraJurczynskifemale10K Entry430
BekkiKeelerfemale5k Entry102
EmmaKelliherfemale5k Entry95
RebeccaKelliherfemaleKids 1.5K Entry680
CatherineKellyfemale10K Entry428
TaylorKentfemaleThe Galaxies5k Entry175
EmmaKepplerfemale5k Entry16
janetKiddfemale10K Entry344
ElaineKirsoppfemale5k Entry22
AlisonKitefemale10K Entry538
AlexandraKnightfemale5k Entry33
JakeKnottmaleJake5k Entry162
DavidKrangelmale10K Entry444
IsabellaKwiatkiewiczfemale10K Entry380
YUNALAURANSfemale5k Entry132
JamesLane-pitchermale10K Entry493
ClareLarterfemale10K Entry402
MichelleLeMasonry-Bennettfemale10K Entry205
HannahLeefemale10K Entry376
AnnieLefebvefemale10K Entry246
GemmaLindstromfemale10K Entry432
JosephLindstrommale10K Entry433
ElaineLipscombemaleB2r gravesend10K Entry558
HarrisonLittellmaleKids 1.5K Entry670
JamesLittellmale10K Entry377
JamieLittellmaleKids 1.5K Entry671
LynnLloydfemale10K Entry498
PaulLloydmale10K Entry499
ChrisLongmaleTeam Unicorn10K Entry607
SteveLongfieldmale10K Entry275
ConstantineLouloudismale5k Entry133
teresaLovettfemale10K Entry286
EllenLoynesfemaleThe Eis Loynes Club5k Entry173
PaulLoynesmaleThe Eis Loynes Club5k Entry171
SorenLoynesmaleThe Eis Loynes Club5k Entry172
JackieMacGregorfemale10K Entry247
TanyaMaceyfemale10K Entry303
AlisonMackenziefemale10K Entry316
DanielleMackenziefemale5k Entry119
ShaunMackenziemale5k Entry120
MichaelMajormale5k Entry76
PeterMandermaleLaunceston RR5k Entry163
MelManktelowmaleBeginners 2 Runners10K Entry563
AnnManwaringfemaleBeginners 2 Runners10K Entry564
SarahMarshfemale10K Entry357
MarieMarshallmale5k Entry25
NeilMarshallmale5k Entry24
AdamMarslandmale10K Entry450
ClaireMartinfemale5k Entry26
RachealMartinfemale5k Entry101
PhoebeMasonfemale5k Entry127
GrahamMaymale10K Entry425
KateMayfemale10K Entry271
DebbieMayesfemale5k Entry52
ZacharyMayesmaleKids 1.5K Entry663
ChristopherMcCloskeymale10K Entry454
AnnetteMcEniryfemale5k Entry51
OrlaMcGaleyfemale10K Entry206
AndrewMcLennanmale5k Entry65
MicheleMcLennanfemale10K Entry326
SamMcclementsfemale5k Entry126
MercedesMcgivernfemale5k Entry140
BrianMcilfatrickmale10K Entry541
ZoeMeadfemale10K Entry260
CiaraMeelamfemale5k Entry135
ArifMelissafemale10K Entry487
VickiMercerfemale10K Entry255
DebbieMewesfemale10K Entry371
JeffreyMewesmale10K Entry370
LeoMichaelmale10K Entry265
JamieMiddletonmale10K Entry483
AmyMiles-Barnardfemale5k Entry59
FlorenceMiles-BarnardfemaleKids 1.5K Entry694
RobMiles-Barnardmale10K Entry318
EdwardMillarmaleMillars5k Entry165
JoanneMillarfemaleMillars5k Entry164
TommyMillermale10K Entry251
CharmainMillsfemaleAshford striders10K Entry553
MartinaMoerelfemale5k Entry3
LauraMoisanfemale10K Entry512
IzaMolloymale5k Entry86
ClaireMorganfemale5k Entry139
PeterMorganmale5k Entry137
AndyMountmale5k Entry23
MeghanMudgefemale10K Entry442
KarenMurrayfemale5k Entry114
RobMurraymale5k Entry113
TerryMyersmale10K Entry481
IanMyler-Fallamale10K Entry401
LilyNaylorfemale5k Entry20
SarahNaylorfemale5k Entry19
CarolynNealefemale10K Entry365
NatalieNewnhammale5k Entry88
NatalieNewtonfemale10K Entry478
RosamondNichollsfemale5k Entry116
TaraNoefemaleRebel Runners Medway10K Entry586
RobertNorthmale10K Entry218
MatthewNyemale10K Entry429
EmeraldO'Hanrahanfemale10K Entry279
JustineO'Neillfemale10K Entry306
VanessaOakesfemale10K Entry337
YvonneObrienfemaleFaversham running club10K Entry576
LatchmiOldfemale10K Entry333
PeterOldmale10K Entry332
SarahOldhamfemale5k Entry13
ZoeOneilfemale10K Entry535
AvaOsbornefemaleKids 1.5K Entry681
WendyOsmondfemale10K Entry421
BradleyOwenmale10K Entry378
DeeOwenfemaleB2R Walderslade10K Entry561
KellyOwenmaleB2R Walderslade10K Entry560
LukeO’Callaghanmale5k Entry103
KateO’GramfemaleSevenoaks Ladies Joggers10K Entry587
fionaPRICEfemale10K Entry216
GavinPaddenmale5k Entry74
RivaPaddenfemale5k Entry75
ChelanePaizesfemale5k Entry141
NatashaPalmerfemaleKids 1.5K Entry684
JuliePantelifemale10K Entry269
StephenPantelimale10K Entry270
CharlottePantherfemale5k Entry129
ChloeParkerfemale10K Entry440
FrancineParkerfemaleTeam Parker5k Entry168
JonParkerfemaleTeam Parker5k Entry169
SimonParrinmale5k Entry42
ChristyPaynefemale5k Entry108
DeborahPaynefemale10K Entry518
LisaPearcefemale5k Entry1
SuePerryfemale10K Entry511
MarkPhilipmaleStrawbewys and cweem10K Entry598
KenzaPickfordfemale10K Entry476
MichaelPicklesmale10K Entry532
TinaPicklesfemale10K Entry531
LaurenPieronifemale5k Entry31
SusannePoolefemale5k Entry41
DaljinderPooniafemale10K Entry441
AlisonPopefemale10K Entry502
LisaPotterfemale10K Entry229
VanessaPotterfemale10K Entry525
ChrisPottsmale10K Entry374
HilaryPowellfemaleAdalta10K Entry548
EddiePrattmaleKids 1.5K Entry666
EddiePrattmaleKids 1.5K Entry701
FreddiePrattfemaleKids 1.5K Entry700
FreddiePrattmaleKids 1.5K Entry665
SamanthaPresneillfemaleBeginners to Runners10K Entry565
CarolinePrettfemale10K Entry500
AmandaPricefemale10K Entry257
DavidPricemale10K Entry258
JoshuaPricemale10K Entry516
LouisePricefemale5k Entry77
EuanPritchardmaleKids 1.5K Entry668
GwynPritchardmale10K Entry338
IfanPritchardmaleKids 1.5K Entry667
AndyQuickenden-Smithmale10K Entry261
Sarah-JaneRadleyfemale10K Entry335
PreetyRamdutfemale10K Entry466
TrevorRansomemale5k Entry115
DanRaymale10K Entry268
JennReadfemale10K Entry461
LisaReasonfemale10K Entry392
NatalieRedmanfemale10K Entry400
KateReedfemale10K Entry209
AngelaReesfemale10K Entry283
TraceyReidfemale10K Entry310
BenRendallmaleKids 1.5K Entry672
CatrionaRendallmale5k Entry71
GeorgiaRichardsfemale10K Entry267
JosephRichardsmaleKids 1.5K Entry658
LucyRichardsfemaleKids 1.5K Entry657
SueRichardsonfemale10K Entry339
AnnalieRichesfemale10K Entry465
VictoriaRichmondfemaleWhite’s Wanderers5k Entry177
JohnRigdenmale10K Entry351
LauraRigdenfemale10K Entry342
HarryRigden-ParrmaleKids 1.5K Entry696
WillRoalfemale10K Entry520
DaisyRobbfemale5k Entry61
HughRobertsmale10K Entry398
TrudyRobertsfemale10K Entry259
SophieRogersfemale10K Entry331
DerekRolfemale10K Entry423
DawnRosefemale5k Entry28
CraigRousemale10K Entry470
ChloeRowlandfemale10K Entry497
SamRuddockfemale5k Entry15
SusieRumballfemale10K Entry353
RalucaRuscanufemale5k Entry144
EmilyRussellfemaleBeginners 2 Runners10K Entry562
SandraRutherfordfemale10K Entry542
ShaunSNOWWOLF HARRISmale10K Entry517
FreyaSackville Westfemale10K Entry462
JaneSackville Westfemale10K Entry460
JulieSalmonfemale10K Entry298
StephenSamualsmale5k Entry147
LizSanchezfemale10K Entry451
MarkSandommale10K Entry366
AnthonySandsmale10K Entry546
DanielSangermale10K Entry262
RebeccaSangster-Kellyfemale10K Entry533
MichaelaSchoenhofffemale5k Entry30
LinseyScotcherfemale10K Entry390
LeahScottfemaleMental elves10K Entry581
SarahSelby-birdfemaleSNAAP10K Entry593
BryonySharpfemale5k Entry110
GrahamSharpmale10K Entry464
SaskiaSheafemale10K Entry274
ChristopherSherwoodmale5k Entry98
HannahSherwoodfemale5k Entry97
KrisShieldsmale10K Entry282
ClairSimfemale10K Entry386
LizSimfemale5k Entry109
LeeSimpsonmaleSittingbourne Striders10K Entry590
RebeccaSimpsonfemale10K Entry292
SianSinnottfemale5k Entry91
FlorenceSleefemaleKids 1.5K Entry677
FreddieSleemaleKids 1.5K Entry676
AngelaSmithfemale10K Entry341
AnneSmithfemale10K Entry480
RuthSmithfemale5k Entry122
ToriSmithfemale10K Entry264
SianSmith-Kearyfemale10K Entry534
MartinSnowmale10K Entry266
JonSolomonsmale10K Entry289
FinnSouthallmaleKids 1.5K Entry664
NatashaSouthallfemale10K Entry297
KatieSparkesfemale5k Entry70
NatalieSparksfemaleTeam SNAAP10K Entry601
MarieSpicerfemale5k Entry96
LisaStacefemale10K Entry388
JulieStanleyfemale5k Entry90
DanniStarleyfemale5k Entry11
VictoriaStearsfemale10K Entry509
MelissaSteerfemale10K Entry322
SamanthaStevensfemaleThe Galaxies5k Entry174
CaroleStevensonfemaleJelly Legs Running Club10K Entry420
DebbieStewartfemale5k Entry145
MikeStewartmale10K Entry424
DonnaSugdenfemale10K Entry323
DeniseSyndercombefemaleDanson Runners10K Entry573
ANDREWTOBIN.male10K Entry426
HARRYTODDmale10K Entry360
TaraTerryfemaleTeam Unicorn10K Entry605
DionneTesterfemaleIwade runs10K Entry578
DanielleThomasfemale10K Entry313
JackThomasmaleKids 1.5K Entry673
BarryThompsonmale10K Entry207
EmilyThomsonfemaleCanterbury harriers10K Entry569
EmmaTicknerfemaleB2R10K Entry554
MichaelTierneymale5k Entry38
RachaelTierneyfemale5k Entry37
CherToddfemale10K Entry354
KaanaToddfemale10K Entry352
JenniferTonkinfemale10K Entry488
ElaineTreefemale10K Entry484
PaulTreemale10K Entry485
CharlieTuckermale5k Entry50
HenryTuckermale5k Entry49
KellyTuckerfemale5k Entry48
JoyceTurnerfemale5k Entry57
KarenTurnerfemale10K Entry242
EricaTyrrellfemale10K Entry355
TobiasUllyettmale5k Entry99
EstherWadefemaleKids 1.5K Entry661
GideonWademaleKids 1.5K Entry662
SaraWadefemale10K Entry294
StephanieWadsworthfemaleMedway Runners10K Entry579
TeresaWaitefemale10K Entry243
LisaWalshfemale10K Entry363
ShaunWashingtonmale10K Entry528
MarkWatsonmale10K Entry233
TeresaWatsonfemaleSittingbourne striders10K Entry588
LauraWebbfemale10K Entry452
Jo-annWebstermale10K Entry446
PetraWelchfemale5k Entry4
TonyWelchmale5k Entry5
JackWellmanmale5k Entry136
MelanieWellmanfemale5k Entry84
KatieWellsfemale10K Entry249
TeresaWestfemale5k Entry56
SueWestonfemale10K Entry504
ChristopherWhitemaleWhite’s Wanderers5k Entry178
EmilyWhitefemaleAre we there yet?10K Entry552
SonyaWhittamfemale10K Entry317
BryonyWickesfemale5k Entry117
RichardWickesmale5k Entry118
CamilleWiddisonfemale10K Entry506
StephenWightmanmale10K Entry226
PeterWightwickmale5k Entry142
TerryWightwickmale5k Entry143
KateWildfemale10K Entry253
MattWildmale10K Entry254
JennaWilesfemale10K Entry361
RichardWilkinsonmale10K Entry315
joWilkinsonfemale10K Entry296
AndyWilliamsmale10K Entry307
DylanWilliamsmale10K Entry436
LauraWilliamsfemale-10K Entry547
LizzieWilliamsfemale10K Entry241
SteveWilliamsmale10K Entry439
BarbaraWilsonfemaleBeginners2Runners10K Entry566
PaulWilsonmaleBeginners2Runners5k Entry158
MarieWintonfemale10K Entry414
LisaWolveyfemale10K Entry308
AimeeWongfemale10K Entry348
AnnieWongfemale10K Entry235
EllieWoodfemale5k Entry100
FayWoodfemale10K Entry412
NicolaWoodfemale5k Entry154
StaceyWoodfemale5k Entry124
HelenWoolgarfemale10K Entry490
HelenWoolgarfemaleKids 1.5K Entry690
ElliotWraightmale10K Entry467
JuliaWrenfemaleBeginners2runners10K Entry567
EmmaWrightfemale5k Entry46
JessicaWrightfemale5k Entry47
StephanieWybournfemaleB2r gravesend10K Entry559
EleanorWylesfemaleNone10K Entry582
SoniaWynterfemale5k Entry17
MarcYeatmanmale5k Entry44
Alexandraahluwaliafemale10K Entry208
justinebebafemale10K Entry385
danielbirdmale10K Entry494
stewartboldmale10K Entry368
stuartclackmale10K Entry305
ceridiffleymale10K Entry288
tinadoylefemale5k Entry54
natashadrylandfemale10K Entry250
sarahfordefemale10K Entry418
sarahhardingfemale10K Entry527
janeknightfemaleSuccessful Mums10K Entry599
adelemasonfemale5k Entry128
Duncanpomfreymale10K Entry413
louisepricefemale10K Entry217
shellyrousefemale10K Entry456
keithsaundersmale10K Entry448
ollysaundersmale10K Entry449
vanessatitheridgefemale5k Entry107
emmatuckerfemale10K Entry321
ryanwestmale5k Entry63
gemmawickhamfemale10K Entry503
Amywildersfemale10K Entry495
charlynewilliamsfemale5k Entry150
sophiewonesfemale10K Entry445
Simonwoolliscroftmale10K Entry530
  • Kids 1.5K Entry - £8.00

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  • 5k Entry - £15.00

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  • 10K Entry - £20.00

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Entries close on the 12th April, 2018. Event prices exclude 10% booking fee.

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