May 03, 2018

Every break up is hard right ?

You love them – but you’ve got to let go….

Will you ever feel the same way about another pair again ?


Your trainers might feel like cosy slippers, and everyone knows the best running shoes are the ones you’ve had forever and have been moulded to the exact shape of your feet after all the pounding of the roads, fields and track you’ve done in them. One thing is for sure, they’ve been there for you when no one else was around, they never moaned and they always are ready for just one more run….

However when is it time to say goodbye and commit “trainer breakup”?

I would suggest to the average runner this time is long before people realise, and runners go on wearing shoes that are out of shape, offering no support and really are past it, all for the common theme in humans that we just don’t like change.

When to changing your running shoes I believe, hangs on two main things:

-          Miles covered

-          Terrain run on

You could suggest others like, build quality, body weight make / brand, running style etc. but we could be here all day. The easier way to look at it is how far have the poor soles of your runners covered and what surface did they repeatedly grind against.

So here is some very approx. and basic numbers and signs to help you along your way


Change every 300-500 miles


6 months

 (whichever comes first for you super awesome mile king and queens)



Have a look at your trainers and change if:


-          You have aches & pains in feet, legs, hips & back

-          Legs feel stale or heavy after running

-          Heel is broken down

-          The outsole is worn down & white midsole material is showing

-          If the shoes easily twists



Hope this Helps !


Coach Chris

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