Manchester CheckPoint Challenge! Im keen!
  • Manchester CheckPoint Challenge! Im keen!

Manchester CheckPoint Challenge! Im keen!


We hope to start Manchester CheckPoint Challenging running in May, first possible date to be Sun the 16th and this first run will likely take place around Heaton and the surrounding location.

Help us make the decision and add your interest here, share with friends and family and as long as we gain an interest of around 70-100 people we will work towards opening this event up with you being first to be invited to enter!!

This is how it works:

* On challenge day you can come to any of our set checkpoints and start at whichever one suits you.
* You can start anytime between 8am and 10am
* We will have event crew at each CheckPoint to support you, check you in, set you off!
* You can do the full circuit, checkpoint A to B, B to C, C to A (remember you can start at any one and finish at any one)
* Distances you can complete will range from 5k, 10k to approximately 15k
* There's no set route in between each checkpoint so you can either take our recommended route or choose your own
* Live results will happen as you scan a QR code at each checkpoint and these results will go straight to our live leaderboard
* Receive a stunning medal and a checkpoint challenger armband

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